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A sense of place

Episode 45 — 6 August 2021

I am very excited about an exhibition opening on 12 August at the Long Gallery Salamanca Art Centre. It is the 137th Annual art exhibition for the Art Society of Tasmania. I have 3 entries which are now mounted on cradled timber boards ready to hang. These are the first large paintings I have exhibited and I am looking forward to see how they are received.

My studio is a mess because mounting the paintings has required a lot of working space and almost all my art book collection. And some ancient electric irons. But I am still working on others. It is an addiction!

Enclosed without

I love how this painting emerged. It was such a joy to create. Oil sticks were the main medium but also oil and cold wax were used. Gold, Turkish red, black and white with touches of blue and Indian yellow result in a warm, exciting surface. This series had its genesis in a plein air excursion to the countryside around Richmond. It will be on display at the Long Gallery Salamanca Place from 12-22 August at the Art Society of Tasmania's Annual exhibition. 0792

Enclosed within

Another painting from the enclosure series that is mounted ready to hang next week at the Long Gallery. The three painting are quite large, measuring 80 cm square.

Within the bounds

Warm reds and yellows and energetic marks bring a feeling of drama and joy to this piece. Inspired by a rusty barbed wire fence. From the Enclosure series and also on show at the Art Society of Tasmania's Annual.

I continue on my next series which features strong blues with yellow red and olive green as supporting colours

If your wondering what oil sticks are other than my current favorite medium you can see an array below. They are basically oil paint in a stick or tube about 2.5cm thick. I use two different brands; Sennelier which are lovely but firmer and R&F which have a lovely creamy texture a bit like lipstick. They really lend themselves to big gestural marks.

I am reviewing my website at the moment with the intention of simplifying and speeding it up. I am going to use Bluethumb and Art Lovers more for direct sales. All a big adventure!!!

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