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8 July 2021

Episode 44

I read a quote this morning which expresses the feelings I have about my current work

To paint abstractly is to paint pure feeling

Roger Cecil A secret artist

My last post showed the early stages of 4 new paintings all much bigger that I have attempted before. I was inspired to go bigger by a friend who said to a few of us “paint something big for the (Art Society of Tasmania) Annual exhibition”. So I did because I cant resist a challenge. I found that I love painting on a larger surface attached to my new painting wall. It allows for grander gestural mark making and just feels so good!

Firstly I needed to get assurance from my man Gil that he could fabricate the boards I needed and that is now done. I can’t wait to see how they look mounted and on the wall.

I have almost completed the six; three of them are entered for selection in the previously mentioned exhibition. It runs for 10 days from 10 August in the Long Gallery at the Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart.

These first two have a floral influence and are not destined for this exhibition. The others are an interpretation of sketches done en plein air in the country side at Richmond in June.

Abundance in red

Abundance in blue- Unfinished

Enclosed within

Within the bounds

Enclosed without

Abundance in green Unfinished (not true to colour)

Excited by how these turned out, I am now working on 4 more inspired by the American Abstract Expressionist Joan Mitchell. Bolder colour on these 60 cm, 40cm and 30cm works.

60 x 60

40 x 40

30 x 30

The past few weeks have been very busy with all the above, trying to fit in pruning my 50+ rose bushes, and struggling with my website. The latter has been evolving but its not working how I would like and the quest to change it is proving very time consuming and frustrating. I need something simpler I think.

I am getting reading to mount my paintings on my lovely new boards in the next few days. Then onto the next series I hope.

Keep well, warm and safe.


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