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Subject: Posts from Gaye Oakes Art for 05/27/2021

Gaye Oakes Art

Episode 40

Wednesday 26 May 2021

I am still exploring the purple, magenta and turquoise palette with mixed results. A new semi abstract has started in a new theme of ‘fields of flowers’.

This first painting started in a similar way to my Flourish series with bold gestural marks. I liked it but wanted something different. I think that I hadn’t decided on what colour would star either. So I made a dreadful mess on 3 paintings and then today brought in a more geometric lines and areas. It is now more to my liking but need to wait for the paint to set a little. When you paint intuitively as I try to do you can respond differently each day. Maybe it’s the weather or mood or how relaxed one feels???

If you follow my blog you may have seen the next two in many guises; one in blues and one in reds. They have been overlaid with white shapes, had lots of thin collage added, changed back to monocolour and now the blue has decided to join my Ocean series and the red one my Unearthed series. Think I might now let them be. Sometimes I think I want to achieve effects that aren’t suited to oil and wax medium. I may have to do more work with acrylics than my regular Friday small works. Try some larger ones. The two are shown below.

Scaling up a small painting that you love to 4 times its size is a challenge. This is only the second one I have done. Every thing has to be bigger. Care has to be taken to keep the same feeling as in the smaller one. I am quite happy with this one so far. Not sure if I need to do more. Might put it aside for a week and then see.

Starting a new painting is much more fun, interesting and motivating compared to the more thoughtful, challenging end phase; when you are never sure you have finished or can go too far and spoil it. Using my purple, magenta and turquoise palette with the addition of ultramarine blue and a liitle indian yellow, I started this field of delphiniums. I created a blue turquoise under painting and am slowly build up the colour and texture of the flowers. Enjoying this.

Stage 1

Stage 3

I need to decide which direction to go next. So many options. Its great to have the space to work on several pieces at once. I seriously need to have a tidy up though. What chaos!

Enjoy your week!


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