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Gaye Oakes Art

Episode 38

6 May 2021

My coastal series has been on the back burner for a while. I’ve been collecting sketches and images in my sketchbook with the intention of developing a new series of semi abstract paintings but haven’t been able to plunge in. Finding the right balance between realism and abstraction is difficult and even when you have an intention the sub conscious mind often intervenes. Having a photographic reference can pull you to be more realistic. The thinking brain over rides the intuitive. Several months ago after a visit to the east coast of Tasmania I completed two little panorama sketches of a place we visited. These were done very quickly with a palette knife and inspired me to do a series but I have been focussed on two other series, florals and shapes. These are only small 30 x 12-15 cm

Weeks ago I had prepared the paper for four paintings 44 x 31cm each. And there they sat. My plan was that if they were successful I would present them with a mat board surround ready to frame. So here they are. More realistic than I expected but even so I rather like them.

Music to the soul

Incoming tide

Out going tide calls

Whispering waves

Below are some works I like by artists Patricia Sadler and Sharon Bruster from the UK. They have captured the feeling of their local shorelines in acrylics. My media is oil and cold wax which is a creamy texture and harder to manipulate and control. It is applied with the tools shown below as well as a pointed palette knife.

24 Patricia Sadler ideas | abstract landscape, landscape paintings,  abstract art landscape
Patricia Sadler
Wild shore by Sharon Bruster

I think I need to find some more stormy images to extend this series. I used mainly Pthalo blue and pthalo turquoise; fairly strong colours, to reflect the beautiful turquoise of Tasmania’s east coast. The weather is not always like this, so I will explore further in my pursuit of greater abstraction.

Please let me know what you think.


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