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Gaye Oakes Art

17 March 2021

Episode 34

This month I am exploring collage work. I have experimented before and had some wins and losses. Making collaged cards to sell in a gift shop became tedious and uninspiring and I haven’t until now developed any enthusiasm. I had some inspiration from an online art community I am a member of earlier this month and this week spent more that a day printing collage papers from tissue; 70 sheets to be exact. When applied to an acrylic or oil based painting the paper becomes transparent and only the paint or ink marks show. It’s taken me a while to perfect the gluing process.

A close up from a painting in progress

I have also started a concertina or accordian book. This is 2.5 metres long and folds up to about 25cm square. I made it myself and it was surprisingly easy. Funny how you think new things will be difficult and how motivating when you find it a breeze. The paper is 300gsm and so quite heavy and able to take a lot of punishment with water, glue, mediums and marks. I have been working on half of one side; firstly with ink and crayons then collaged paper. I am really enjoying the process and will soon start adding paint as well.

I have also been working on a large drawing adding different marks each day. The urge to add paint is gaining momentum, but I am not sure where to go or if to add some colour. A challenge for this week!!

Back to blooms. I feel I am getting closer to what I want to achieve with my loose florals. This is my second set of six and I am very pleased with half of them. Trying to keep loose and fresh with just a hint of flowers. Compared with the last set they are much more successful. Its very easy to overwork which is what happened to the previous lot. They measure 30cm square and will be mounted on cradled boards or they could also be framed with a mat board surround under glass.

Yesterday, I went to the Tasmanian Bush Garden near Buckland with a group of 8 artists to paint and draw en plein air. Lots of loose drawings with ink and a nobbly stick resulted for me. A man made but authentic looking waterfall flowed down a rocky cliff face. A relaxing and enjoyable day. The patterns in the rocks were fascinating.


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