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Subject: Posts from Gaye Oakes Art for 03/03/2021

Gaye Oakes Art

Episode 33

3 March 2021

Floundering in February and now marching on. I was struggling with some in my shapes series in the past few weeks. Life interrupted and threw me off course for a bit. I let my intuition override my intentions and then found it difficult to resolve two paintings.

Despite this set back I was determined to spend more time drawing due to some prompts from a few different quarters. I have been slow to get going; was hoping for 3 drawings a day but it feels like a chore somehow with no specific purpose. Yesterday I decided to start two big ones 50 x 70cm. Think I am happier working large where I can put more physical energy into my mark making. I will continue to add a layer every day for a while to build up a composition and will also obliterate parts of it and rework. Should enjoy this and I am working in my sketchbook as well.

One of the two in my shapes series I struggled with is shown here. I didn’t keep to the planned colour palette and ended up with a very mid to dark toned painting. I had built up a complex underpainting of 10 layers then used cut out masks to retain the background when adding a layer of dark blue, then more masks and a layer of white. I tried to increase the tonal differences but still not happy. Part of the problem is learning how best to use your medium; oil and cold wax can’t do everything but has some wonderful qualities. Think these need to be turned to the wall for a few weeks then looked at with fresh eyes.

I have also been working on six loose floral abstracts. These were done with thick oil sticks. The intention was to have abstract works that barely look like flowers. I made a few wrong calls along the way but two of them are pretty well resolved and I have started another six but using paint and silicon spreaders to move the paint and make marks. I start out painting them as one on a large sheet of paper, with masking tape placed where they will be separated. These are looking more promising.

They will be separated now and worked on them as individual paintings . Fingers crossed!

Six paintings have replaced those hanging at the Rosny Doctors complex at Rosny. They are Rock patterns 2 and Treasure beneath shown below, 50cm squares. I have 4 from my leaf series as well.

Rock patterns

The treasure beneath

The Art Society of Tasmania has an exhibition this month titled ‘Feast for the eyes’ opening next Saturday morning at the Lady Franklin Gallery. I have two small works hanging as well as two unframed ones.

I have started two more in my shapes series and I hope they are resolved more quickly than the last ones. Happy Autumn!


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