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Subject: Posts from Gaye Oakes Art for 02/10/2021

Gaye Oakes Art

Episode 32

9 February 2021

Last week I showed the beginning of six 30cm square abstract florals exercises.

I have been trying for a while to really loosen up my approach to florals but I always seem to start fiddling and realism takes over. Well my imagined realism. I love flowers and gardens; they are as much a part of my life as painting is.

These are two I have been working on for a while and am yet to finish. I didn’t achieve the looseness I wanted but I an happy with them. They are square; the first is 40cm and the other 60cm.

I find the work of other artists inspiring and informative. I know what I like but need to learn how to create those effects in my own work. I want to get more energy and gesture into my strokes especially in the final stages. I have studied a number of artists including Sandy Welch and Conn Ryder. A work of the Conn’s is shown below by courtesy of Pinterest.

Abstract Artist, Conn Ryder, Abstract Paintings, Colorado, Home Page

Further work on two of the six square floral exercise are shown below. They are created mainly with R&F or Sennelier oils sticks. The former are much creamier and easy to use in this way.

My pink series continues on in the background and I am wanting this one to be finished. Just a few tweaks needed.

I am planning to get back to some expressive drawing soon and bought a new sketch book for that purpose today. Just have to find time to do all I want. And there are four collage exercises needing some attention. Love this art life.


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