Inspired by the process of laying down dozens of random layers of paint, alternating warm and cool colours and light and dark tones, these works develop intuitively.

In the final layers, earthy colours predominate and are more considered as a structure emerges capturing the feeling of being in a forest or on rocky ground or sitting around a camp fire where the red coals glow in the dark. A microcosm of life surges beneath and among the layers.

Beneath the ashes (60x60 cm)
Emerging from the ashes (60x60 cm)
The fire beneath (50x60 cm)
Forest floor (27x34 cm)
Industrial 1 (50x60 cm)
Timeshift 1 (40x50 cm)
Timeshift 2 (40x50 cm)
Rock patterns (50x50 cm)
Umber 2 (40x50 cm)
Moonlight 1 (30x30 cm)
Earth's rhythms (50x50 cm)
Moonlight 2 (30x30 cm)
Industrial 2 (50x60 cm)
Interconnected (60x60 cm)
Elemental (60x60 cm)
The treasure beneath (50x50 cm)
Umber 1 (40x50 cm)
Italian village (50x50 cm)
Fire in autumn (40x40 cm)
Fire in autumn 2 (40x40 cm)