Small florals

It is obvious in these small works that they are florals but the detail is blurred; the energy or life force of the flowers is evident.

Garden visits and tours are something I love to do. My first love is the rose in its multitude of forms and irises, rhodos and clematis are inspiring as well. It was a joy to create these affordable 30cm square works. I feel I have achieved my intention of abstracted realism in many in this series.

Sweet smelling (30x30 cm)
Solitary scarlet (30x30 cm)
Full blown red (30x30 cm)
Golden triumph (30x30 cm)
(30x30 cm)
Wild and free (30x30 cm)
Wild and rare red (30x30 cm)
Orange innocence (30x30 cm)
Multiflora (30x30 cm)
Wild scarlet (30x30 cm)
Bold magenta (30x30 cm)
Vivid vermillion (30x30 cm)
Wild and rare blue (30x30 cm)
Turn towards the light 2 (30x30 cm)
French orange (40x40 cm)
Gallant blue (30x30 cm)
In the pink (30x30 cm)
Peonie (30x30 cm)