Shapes series

I have long been fascinated with purely abstract art and have experimented with a range of shapes; geometric and organic.

The way colours interact within the picture space is always a joy and I use a limited palette or range of colours.Most of the work is built up with many layers of paint to create interesting texture. I often use collage, mono prints and stencils to build up the layers.

Finding a path (50x50 cm)
Silent steps (50x50 cm)
Stepping out (50x50 cm)
Floating free (50x60 cm)
Inner glow (60x60 cm)
Inside out (50x60 cm)
The tide turns (50x50 cm)
What lurks within (60x60 cm)
The tide turns again (50x50 cm)
Ocean vibes 1 (50x60 cm)
Ocean vibes 2 (50x60 cm)
Stepping around (30x30 cm)
Containment (30x30 cm)
Time travel (30x30 cm)
Shoreline 2 (30x30 cm)
Summer memory (30x30 cm)
Across the space (30x30 cm)