The sea, the beach, headlands, waves and sand, beach combing have all been a source of pleasure and inspiration in my life.

I am drawn to the feelings of energy, power, danger, the unknown and conflicting with those the feelings of weightlessness, vulnerability and floating free. Body surfing, the surge of adrenaline and thrill of riding a wave to shore. There is joy and sense of freedom which I try to convey in my paintings. I have moved away from calm realism to more energetic semi abstract work but still love some of the earlier works.

Turbulence recently sold to a very happy collector who commented:

'I recently ordered Turbulence and it arrived today in immaculate condition and the work is stunning and doesn’t disappoint in person.'

Beckoning me (60x60 cm)
The waves whisper (60x60 cm)
Diving deeper (60x60 cm)
Bay of fires 2
Bay of fires 3
Bay of fires 1
Freycinet (50x50 cm)
Turbulence 1 (50x50 cm)
Turbulence 2 (50x50 cm)
Bay of fires 4
Alum cliffs Taroona (50x40 cm)
Stumpy's bay (50x40 cm)
Aqua (25x20 cm)
Rock reflections (25x20 cm)
At anchor (60x45 cm)
Cremorne Tasmania (60x45 cm)
Wild Tarkine (60x60 cm)
Evening glow Park Beach (60x60 cm)
Evening light Park Beach (60x60 cm)