Flourish series

I believe I emerged as an artist in 2020/21 to paint full time after many years as a hobbyist.

I discovered that if you are loving what you are doing, playing with paint, colour, mark making, tools and the media you can be totally absorbed, allowing your emotions and feelings to lead you. Authentic exciting, joyful work resulted: focus on the process not the result.

This series is the result of that period. Most are on cradled boards, 50cm square with a few 50 x 60 cm.

Be the light (50x50 cm)
Habanera (50x60 cm)
Fever (50x60 cm)
Cry me a river (50x50 cm)
Magenta star (50x50 cm)
Rock pools (50x50 cm)
Ebb and flow (50x50 cm)
The day begins (50x50 cm)
Wild woman dreaming (50x50 cm)
Predawn shadows (50x50 cm)
At sunrise (50x50 cm)
Unrest (30x30 cm)
Sunset in abstract (30x30 cm)
Sunset in motion (30x30 cm)
Dancing into spring (30x30 cm)
Summer sunset (30x30 cm)
Stepping into spring (30x30 cm)
Circling the truth (30x30 cm)
Chaos (30x30 cm)
Finding the truth (30x30 cm)
Tangerine storm