Fascinated by space, from long ago when a family member subscribed to Sky and Telescope magasine. Fascinating images. Fast forward a few decades and the internet is awash with imagery from outer space; gas clouds, nebula, asteroid stars. Stars are born and move in space. Worlds collide unseen light years away. The beauty and mystery beyond our galaxy is awesome and overwhelming. Heavenly bodies inspire creatives and scientists alike but in different ways.

Flying home (60x60 cm)
Sky watch 2 (30x30 cm)
Sky watch 3 (30x30 cm)
Inferno (80x80 cm)
Stellar winds (80x80 cm)
Child of Asteria (60x60 cm)
Convergence (80x80 cm)
Citrus nebula (60x60 cm)
Nebula light (40x40 cm)
Nebula bright (40x40 cm)
Nebula glow (40x40 cm)
Nebula dream (40x40 cm)
Hercules (60x60 cm)
Andromeda (60x60 cm)
Hera (60x60 cm)
Merging worlds (60x60 cm)
Disconnecting (60x60 cm)