Memories of carnival time, the anticipation, the promise of enchantment. Alluring scents of fairy floss, hot dogs, dust and fried food. Shrieks of terror from fast moving rides; turning up and down, round and round. Colours escaping into rainbows. Screeching excited children. Bright light flashing from hand held glow sticks. Senses spinning and overwhelmed.

More than this (60x60 cm)
A type of chaos (30x30 cm)
Emblazoned (30x30 cm)
Rainbow singing (30x30 cm)
Rainbow dancing (30x30 cm)
Tumbling senses (80x80 cm)
Tumbling still (60x60 cm)
Morning at the fiesta (60x60 cm)
Evening at the fiesta (60x60 cm)
In my mind (60x60 cm)
Noon at the fiesta (60x60 cm)
A carnival is over (60x60 cm)
Cool carnival (60x60 cm)
More than this (60x60 cm)
Idle play (60x60 cm)
Once was play (60x60 cm)