Almost landscape series

Inspired by the perceived need to use off cut cartridge paper building up from my 60 cm square work. For the past year or two most of my work has been in a square formats from 30cm up to 80cm. Different approaches are needed when creating in other formats. The works here developed firstly as pure structural abstracts then intuitively formed into two rural landscapes. Two others became floral still life. I enjoyed doing them and followed up with another four which all resolved into landscapes.

Summer rain (50x34 cm)
Windswept (50x34 cm)
Path to the summit (50x34 cm)
Promising rain (50x34 cm)
Afternoonshadows (50x34 cm)
Midlands hills (50x34 cm)
Creek bed at Chauncy Vale (60x60 cm)
Creek bed at Chauncy Vale 2 (60x60 cm)