About me

Flourish 1

Complex and multilayered pieces on cradled boards express the emergence of my art into full abstraction. The past year has seen a major transformation in my work from realistic traditional oil, mixed media and watercolour landscapes and seascapes to completely abstract images with multiple layers of texture using oil and wax. I am very excited about this new and exciting phase. As well as oil paint, cold wax, oil pastels, pigments, monotype printing and collage are being used to intuitively explore texture, shape, colour, form and gestural marks to create complex images. Traditional realistic oil painting in miniature is another practice I am developing; on boards and on paper matted and framed.

I regularly paint and draw outdoors to hone my drawing and observational skills. This is no effort in my beautiful home state of Tasmania Australia.

Experimenting and playing with various approaches and media has lead me to focus on abstraction. I love colour and texture and the magic of layering which is becoming more evident in my work.

My art is available to purchase from this website.

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