Episode 23

11 November 2020

The year is flying by.

I have been working on three fronts in the past week or so with Oceans , florals and abstracts. Another 60cm square work has been added to my Oceans series and I am declaring these two finished. They have been painted over an orange gold background layer which really makes the blues sing.

I am really liking these at the moment.

After my frustrating and time consuming work on floral still lifes over the past weeks( I am unable to accept defeat). A few of you said you liked them but they weren’t what I was wanting to produce. So, I decided to try something loose and free in the manner I have been developing in my other work. A bunch of roses, azaleas and iris were picked from my garden(which is magnificent at the moment). These are the two attempts at loose and free.

The second one needs some tweaking but I am quite pleased with them so far.

The third thread that I am following is a more structured abstract set of two. I am happy with where they are going too.

I have made some further changes to them both today. Works in progress but nearly finished. Lots of layers and interesting marks and shapes.

Coming up this weekend is the Wrest Point Rotary Art Show at The Boardwalk gallery. I have four works on display including a donated painting semi abstract of Spring Beach East Coast Tasmania.

Hidden depths

Lost in my mind

The exhibition is usually of excellent standard and very well curated. Open from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. Well worth a look. I have also uploaded some framed miniatures to Bluethumb this week.

See you next time and hoping this magnificent weather continues.

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