Episode 20

30 September 2020

I packaged up and delivered the 5 paintings now on display at Rosny Doctors and in the process I had new business cards made. It’s good to be exhibiting again and clearing some space in the studio for more creations.

I have joined an online artists community called Art Tribe runs by Louise Fletcher who also ran the course I was doing recently. A challenge in the group for September is to experiment with a different or new medium or approach. I chose gel printing on to cartridge as the base for further painting. After doing the exercise and making 11 prints I realised that I hadn’t done anything new really, to that point anyway. I like most of them as they are so feel stuck about taking them further. These are some of them that I like.

I will sit on these for a while.

One I didn’t like. It was a 60cm square and I felt the colours weren’t inspiring me. There were some lovely textures though. There were multiple imprints on this.

By accident I came across some Youtube videos by Betty Krause, a Californian artist. She most paints very abstracted flowers or fields of flowers. I thought I would steal something from her way of working.

I had a good session yesterday and this is where it’s at. I will continue to abstract. I seem to have lost most of the blue so will have to bring some back.

My Oceans series is developing. I started two more 50cm squares, based on two small studies done two weeks ago. They had an orangey underpainting. The first is from some photos and a painting I sold of a storm approaching Bicheno. The second was a storm receding from Spring Beach. I am happy with the second one but the first needs more work.

I had a brief visit to Park Beach on Saturday and did some loose sketching using ink and a feather of rocks and water. I took photos but they don’t do justice to the scene. Need to go back for more!

Experimented with different colour palettes too this week ready for two more paintings in my abstract Flourish series. I am also enjoying the abstract florals so will soon have three series on the go. Garden needs attention too!! The Rotary Wrest Point Art Exhibition is coming up in November so need to get 3 or 4 paintings ready for that. Website needs attention too. Think I need an assistant!!!

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