Episode 13

22 July 2020

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on”

Alfred Einstein

Early last week Gil and I drove up the east coast to Swansea for lunch for my birthday. First time we had ventured out to a restaurant since Covid 19. It was a sunny day with some showers over the hills of Freycinet.

One of the exercises I had to do in the course I am studying was to play with paint using all sorts of mark making tools on paper, with out trying to make a finished painting. Scrapers, silicon wedges, sticks, crayons and bubble wrap were used to create the next two images. I was quite excited because even though I wasn’t supposed to be making a painting , I did and very quickly. I have always painted seascapes and landscapes with brushes in the past. Loved the looseness of these. They are only about 30cm wide.

Again this week in the course there was lots of experimenting; with marks and colours that one doesn’t usually use. Find you love things or hate things. Here are some of them. They are mostly 20cm squares and may be used as studies for larger abstract paintings.

Looking at other artists work and identifying what it is you like about it is another aspect of this course. Pinterest is a great source of images and links to contemporary artists. This week I came across this one by Joan Fullarton which I loved. I love the warm colour palette contrasting with cooler areas of grey. I love the hint of a tree shape below the surface, the interesting textures contrasting with the smoother open areas.

I have started the next module now and its about expressing emotion in your art. Now that will be a challenge!

Thank you for reading my news. Its a great way to keep a journal. I enjoy writing it.

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