Episode 11

8 July 2020

I have spent most of the last week preparing myself, my equipment, my studio and lots of primed paper for a 10 week online course I am doing. I finished a taster course for Find Your Joy 2020 with Louise Fletcher and taken the plunge to do the full course. Very excited.

In preparation for the course we had to research at least 5 artists whose work we admire as well as looking back at our own work to identify work that we considered very successful and still like. A journal is created which we will add to over the next year. I am not very disciplined with journalling. I found five sketchbooks that are about 5% used. Enough said. Really will have to work at this but so far so good.

In doing the research I found an artist whose work I admired several years ago, Peter Wileman. He works with rich colours in oils with semi abstracted landscapes. I still love this man’s work. Here is an example.

I have managed to work on 4 pieces this week despite all the other preparations.

This may become a diptych or I might separate. Bought a lovely Posca pen in colour Red Wine. There are touches of it in these.

These were reworks of some black and white maquettes from a few weeks ago. Need to tone down the yellows.

60 x 30 cm in oil. Watch this space.

Photo is a bit dull due to the lack of sun the past few days

These last two that measure 30 x 60 cms are not finished, but showing promise.

Its interesting to see the photos as miniature versions of the original. Small paintings/images may not upscale and the opposite is true too.

That’s all for this week. Please share if you someone who may be interested in my artistic journey.

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