Episode 10

1 July 2020

What a busy week it has been finishing off work from the online course. Over 10 days I finished 24 pieces; all larger that 30cm square. Not all are resolved but I enjoyed the course and process so much I have signed up to do a 10 week extension. Its called Find Your Joy with an artist in Yorkshire England name of Louise Fletcher. Expecting it will be hard work but I am hoping it will free me up and take my art to another level. The proviso is that you must have fun and enjoy the process.

Here a a few more examples of what I produced. For this one the instruction was ‘paint the ugliest painting you can’. I chose a Self Portrait. Quite like it .

Trying out another set of 3 colours with black and white.

The one above was painted over an old black and white ink drawing. Still a lot to do on this because it is a bit too busy.

I was not satisfied with the two vases of flowers I did a few weeks ago (see Episode 9) so armed with my new approach I attacked them with more paint and a looser style and think I am happy now.

I am playing with some ideas for my next series with the theme of oceans, the sea, and boats. If you want to look at more art go to Pinterest or check out my website.

See you next week

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