Episode 9

23 June 2020

This week I have been doing a wonderful and free online art course with Louise Fletcher from Yorkshire. I think 8,000 plus people signed up for this course and facebook group. Videos, podcasts, and regular assignments. The aim was to explore what you like doing (and don’t like doing) and find your joy in painting and create truly unique art work.

The exercises helped to focus you and you art on what you love to do. You had to really notice things about your reactions to the process and what you created. A very busy 10 days. I did 24 pieces on paper (many maybe not yet finished); all bigger that 25cm square. The course was called ‘Finding your Joy’. I really enjoyed the course and have learnt lots. Does one ever stop learning???

We started with a black and white abstract on a large sheet of paper. Lots of different shapes and mark making.

This was followed by a series of at least 6 x 30cm squares completed as one; but revealed as 6 separate ones when the masking tape was removed. For all the exercises were allowed 3 colours plus black and white. We were also encourage to play with the colours and find mixes we liked and didn’t like.

I enjoyed doing these so much I did another set in a different colour palette. I used magenta, a deep yellow and Pthalo blue. I will work a little more on these I think.

I struggled with the next two. The first challenge was a familiar subject using an unusual palette; I used the magenta, deep yellow and pthalo blue. I didn’t like the first attempt so after sleeping on it decided to go more abstract which I am happier with. These were all done in less that 30 minutes by the way.

The next one was abstract using a different palette again. Randomly I chose paints that I have full tubes of because I hardly ever use them; vermilion(orange), Diox purple and pthalo green. These are all the secondary colours ie the complements of the 3 basic colours of blue, yellow and red. Usually if you mix them you would get muddy colours. I nearly abandoned the palette before I started but then thought what the heck be adventurous. The first attempt trying all sorts of different marks was horrible. I did two more layers and was happy with the result. Love that burnt orange.


I will post the rest of the collection next week while I ponder how I can take what I have learnt to move my art to the next level. Here’s hoping.

Thank you for reading my news.

One thought on “Episode 9

  1. Hi Gaye! A friend of mine alerted me to your blog. You may know Pamela Coogan from the Bellerive Art Centre. Pam and I went to school together. She is very impressed with your blog. So am I! I am looking forward to following you on your journey.


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