Episode 8

17 June 2020

This past week I have been working on some more floral still life. These first two were inspired by the rich orange of nasturtiums.

I tried two more floral still life with different dominant colours; the first mainly reds and the second green. These are still unresolved. I try to challenge myself with different colour combinations; sometimes I am very happy, other times not.

Sunday I joined a local group of Urban Sketchers for a get together and draw near Wendy’s beautiful 1890s two story cottage near the city. I tried to work over a collaged print and it sort of worked. Need to experiment more with different pens and adhesives. It was easier to ignore the busy surface than I expected.

Yesterday I started a free online course called ‘Find your Joy’ with Louise Fletcher who is based in Yorkshire. There are 6,000 people enrolled with the goal of learning how to loosen up, have fun, and start to ‘find their unique artist’s voice’. There is one lesson a day for 8 days. These are my first two exercises. The first in monochrome using inks, brushes, pens, pencils and acrylic paint. Lots of layers which I love too

These are 6 paintings painted in 30 minutes as one on a single sheet of paper divided with masking tape. Black, white and 3 colours were allowed. I chose Aliziran Crimson, Yellow ochre and pthalo turquoise. The tape is removed to reveal crisp edges.

I am really looking forward to these daily challenges. Everyone posts their finished work on Facebook. It really interesting to see how individual the work is. Lots of ideas for new colour combinations too. It helps you see what it is you like or don’t like in your own and others work.

3 thoughts on “Episode 8

  1. Gaye, I like the up front “here I am” feel of the first image. It’s so different to the more formal feel of the one with the light green background which I also like. Also love the monochrome!


  2. My favourites are the pencil sketch…absolutely love that, and the nasturtium paintings. Love the “impressionist ” feel to them.


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