Episode 7

10 June 2020

I have been thinking for a while about revisiting loose expressive flower paintings but using oil paint and wax medium. I worked on 4 of these, mostly 30cm square. These two came together quite quickly. I will try some more in different colour palettes.

This weeks special is a series of 3 small canvases for $50. Keep reading for details.

Current inspiration

I have been listened to a podcast and following an inspirational artist from Yorkshire Louise Fletcher. She works mostly in with mixed media and acrylics. Louise builds her work up with multiple layers of paint as I do but using a different medium to my oils and wax. I have enrolled in a short online course next week with Louise which I am really looking forward to.


“My paintings evolve over time, layer upon layer, and in this way, they mirror life and the landscape that inspired them. Each new layer adds depth, but the history remains underneath and is glimpsed now and again.” Louise Fletcher

Progress this week

A few weeks ago I was experimenting with maquetes, small loose paintings/sketches done on one sheet of paper, that might form the basis of larger works. I tried out a different palette, orange and lime green. There were 8 in the set and I didn’t much like them, so reworked them intuitively and the results of 4 are show here. I enjoyed playing with colour.

My last series was predominately blues and I felt that with winter here I should try out a warmer palette. On two 60 x 50 sheets, I started with dark brown, a henna red and various neutrals in pink and violet but felt it needed spicing up. I added gold, magenta black and red. I am still working on them, but this one is getting there. It is more structured.

Loose black line drawing with oils stick covered with a layer of violet then brown pink
More layers of violet, brown, white, black and loose drawing with oil stick
Magenta, red, gold, black oil stick and crayon drawing added to the layers. Excavating to shown earlier layers.

This weeks special

Special offer this week is a set of three 20 x25 cm canvases collage using eco dyed fabrics, paper, found objects. $60 for the set. They would really look great in a beach side cottage.

Eco dying 1
Eco dying 3
Eco dyeing 2

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