Episode 6

27 May 2020

In the past 2 weeks I have finished 3 new works and have one nearing completion.

I selected a composition from my library and tried to stick to a palette of scarlett, indian yellow and a dark phthalo blue with the addition of black and a lot of white. I mixed various warm and cool greys from these to provide neutral areas. I almost ran out of white paint even though had some on order on line. Postal services are stretched at this time with Covid 19 restrictions. Luckily a local art shop re-opened and I was able to replenish my supplies.

This one (662)developed with 14 layers of paint; these are the 6th, 8th and 14th. Lots of mark making and overlays. I really enjoyed making this. It is a 50cm square.

These are the other 2 in the series that are finished. These are 30cm squares

For ‘playtime’ I created two sets of small painting; which I have now found are referred to a maquettes. Created on a single sheet of paper with masking tape to divide them into 20cm or 15cm squares. I experimented with a palette I have never used before; lime green and orange. I included some mono printing as well. I don’t really like these much so now have to decide to leave them as is, or add more layers. The other set are in blues/turquoise and I am waiting for the paint to dry before I go further.

I have today started another set of four 30cm square ones but with loose abstracted flower subjects.

Yesterday we went on our first outing for over two months to our beautiful Carlton Beach. Inspiring and invigorating. I think the temperature was 10 degrees. A magic winter day in Tasmania.

One thought on “Episode 6

  1. Beautiful paintings Gaye. I especially love those first ones with the blues, greys and wonderful white.!


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