Episode 5

12 May 2020

Designing a website sure has its challenges. Feels like one step forward two steps back sometimes. I had some very good advice from an artist and her son in New Mexico (Rebecca Crowell and Ross Ticknor) whose views I respect. One major change involved changing and simplifying the domain name which I have done.

My address is now gayeoakes.com

I am continuing to learn about websites, blogs and newsletters and how to use them and I haven’t stopped painting. The corona virus self isolation has allowed this to happen.

My work over the past two years has focused more on abstract work and working intuitively with oil and cold wax. I know abstract art is not to everyone’s taste and I get more positive feedback about my realistic oil landscapes and seascapes. But for me there is great pleasure and challenge in abstract work. Some succeed, some don’t, but that’s the same for any art.

In my studio I have been creating 12 small 20cm square works on paper. These early stages of these are made on two large sheets of paper with masking tape dividing the space. The first set I tried a lighter palette

In the second lot have played with pthalo green; a colour not used before. I will add some detailed drawing to each one and see how they develop.

I pulled out two larger painting which were disappointing and abandoned. I attempted to give them a fresh face; trying to keep to the pure hues in the process. They are a work in progress but I think they are an improvement. What do you think?

Almost forgot! I finally got around to a day of monoprinting with my gel press which is a 9mm thick plate of silicon that holds layers of inks and acrylics. Stamps, stencils and all sorts of mark making are used to create interesting patterns in the surface. Paper(in my case tissue paper) is placed/pressed over and the print pulled. I think I did about 24 . These are a few. I like to use them to collage into my work. The paper becomes transparent in the wax. These are a few.

Am planning(very loosely) a whole new series so will keep you updated on progress.

Check out my new website gaye oakes art gallery

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