Episode 4

27 April 2020

The unexpected outcome this week is that my Spring Abstracts and Moonlight paintings drew me back to rework them. I just love this process. It is so intuitive and all consuming. The Spring Abstracts were started about 18 months ago when I was new to the cold wax medium. I now felt they seem too structured so I tried to be more loose and organic in my approach. Not sure if they are finished yet. I am loving the richness of the colours. My challenge was to focus on pure rich blues, turquoise and pinks in these.

Spring Abstract 1 after 20 layers of paint
Spring Abstract 1 after a further 8 layers

Spring Abstract 2 earlier version

Spring Abstract 2 in its latest form

The Moonlight ones below were rushed for an Art Society of Tasmania themed black and white exhibition last year. They had some lovely marks but I wanted to add colour. So this is where they went.

Moonlight 1
Moonlight 1 revamped

Moonlight 2
Moonlight 2 revamped

My printed session hasn’t happened but it will. Always so much to do.

2 thoughts on “Episode 4

  1. Is this how I comment? I got confused when no tried to use the comment button at the end.

    Anyway, the pictures look good. They’re really atmospheric, lovely. It’s amazing how much you changed them.


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