Episode 3

23 April 2020

Two new paintings have been added this week in my ‘geometrics’ series. Either or both are on sale at 20% off until the end of April

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Industrial 2
Industrial 2

My art practice is moving to a more intuitive way of working. This is a great challenge because I have to let go of some aspects of a painting for the ‘greater good’ of the whole painting. There are times when this doesn’t work and I keep going until I find what I feel is right. Working on a number of works helps with this as it’s good to move and re-focus.

I have four on the go in this yellow series. A neutral colour palette with one main primary yellow. So far there have been 23 layers. I photograph each layer or stage so I can see progress. Here are 4 photos showing some of the stages and some smaller close up detail of the last one. What do you think?

The last image of this work the first in the series
Small detail
More small detail
The second in the series

Coming up soon are some mono printing sessions to create interesting papers for collage as additions to a painting.

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